Let's Party!

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to connect with you and your friends. It is a huge honor to host a party for you, and I take that responsibility seriously. We've all been invited to these kinds of direct sales parties before - sometimes in person, sometimes through social media, and sometimes a type of hybrid. I've been to my fair share of these parties, and I can promise you a couple things if you decide to party with me!

① First, I am not a used car salesman. I won't push product for the sake of pushing product, and I won't pretend that every item is amazing for every body. I truly believe in this brand and I've worked hard to help find the perfect style, fit, and design for every person who shops with me.

② Second, I won't guilt you or your friends into making purchases. Our household is big on our budgets, and I know that where you spend your hard earned dollars needs to align with your family values. Zyia is a luxury activewear brand, that is priced fairly and accordingly. However - I won't even start to pretend that it isn't an investment sometimes, but I will promise that the products will live up to that high standard.

③ Third, I'm available and honest. You and your guests are always encouraged to message, text, or call me for any help with sizing, style, fit, or just shopping in general. Whether you're not sure the best size for yourself, or you're shopping for someone else - I am available to you to make this experience a positive one and assure you love the items the day they arrive.

④ Last, I want this to be fun! I really do want to show off all the things I love about this brand, because it really has become entwined in my lifestyle. I also believe it could easily become a daily piece in your life as well! We'll play some games, do some giveaways, and highlight some of my favorite pieces.

I offer a few different types of parties! While I am able to do some in person events, I've found the most success with either a Multi-Hostess or a Party in a Page!

💻 A multi-hostess happens completely within a Facebook group for about a week alongside a few other of my hostesses! As your rep, I will do 90% of the posts. I always ask my hostesses to share a picture and testimonial with the group, and interact with their guests throughout the week. Having multiple hostesses takes some of the pressure of each hostess and allows us the ability to work with the algorithm to have the most successful party for you!

🖥 A party in a page however does not rely on social media, and happens entirely through a separate link. I build out an individual link for each hostess, going through the same process as a traditional in home or social media party, and allowing your guests to interact, learn, and shop at their own pace. There are less opportunities for immediate interaction through this option, but it allows you to share at your leisure while allowing your guests to find all of the info at one time.

🗣 Affiliate Links - This is the DIY option for Zyia Fanatics that are already sharing their gear, and maybe their friends have already been to a party. I'll provide you a link to share in your profile, on your page, and with your friends. They purchase and you earn!

Why Should I Host

you're already obsessed

If you're here you probably already love Zyia. You have a pair of light n tights, a sports bra or two, maybe even a tank and a pair of joggers. But you want more, and you need some of your friends to love Wednesdays as much as you do.

Enter a party!

I'll do all the hard work. Show off the brand. Answer all the questions. And do some games + giveaways.

You'll invite friends who value quality activewear. Share the party details. Earn the rewards!

Ready to Host?