about chelsie.

Life is easier when you love yourself.

It's a journey, and it isn't always easy. But it really is true, when you love yourself - when you take care of yourself - when you feel good in your skin, every single thing in your life becomes easier.

I'm a 30-something lifelong dreamer. I married my best friend who I didn't even meet until I was 25, and we live on the shores of Lake Superior with our daughter Kendall and our two pups (Prowler + Marley). I am a true believe in always being better and knowing that throughout life - we are capable of hard things. I aim to uplift, encourage, and connect with real people and create a community that builds each other up daily.

Some of the things I love getting to do include building a family with my best friend, partnering with other passion-preneurs on their digital marketing strategy, coaching athletes of all ages to always be focused on growth, planning intimate ceremonies of love and commitment, increasing confidence of others through quality activewear, and chasing grace daily.


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