website design.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was the importance of a strong, cohesive online presence. While a beautiful, elaborate website is nice to look at its often expensive, and rarely set up technically correct. You can stake your claim and own your domain with a functional, easily searchable website that is optimized across devices and set up to be indexed, crawled, and promoted across search engines such as Google at a price that is fair and affordable for any business.

let me help you be found.

You’re here because you followed your dreams, you took control of your life, and you work for more than a paycheck. Whether you’re a creative, a strategist, a retailer, or a business person – you are one of the lucky ones because you get to do what you’re best at. So let me do what I’m best at!

Of course, you can take a social media course from someone who grew their following from nothing. Or you can listen to a podcast of a business coach who built a six-figure business in 6 months. Or you can read a book on SEO and website marketing.

But wouldn’t you rather focus on what you love to do – and hire someone to help you do the rest? I mean, I could learn how to file my family’s taxes if I wanted to — but I would rather spend time with my family, and hire an accountant. Let me help build your strategy and then execute it! Digital marketing is constantly changing, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, algorithms or consumer behavior reports, you’ll fall behind.

let's build your new digital home.

I'm offering a special deal this month for new clients. My basic website design, technical set up, and SEO starter package for $499.

What You Get

🔹 Four Page Website with Basic Design

🔹 WordPress Management

🔹 Meta Title & Description Set Up

🔹 Alt Tags Optimized

🔹 Contact Form

🔹 Sitemap Developed and Submitted to Search Enginies

🔹 Mobile Device Optimization

🔹 Clean Site Structure

🔹 Basic Copyediting

What You Provide

🔹 Domain and Hosting Details

🔹 Copy for each page

🔹 Public contact information

🔹 Images

🔹 Competitive Advantage & Testimonials*

Upgrades Available

🔹 Domain and Hosting Set-Up

🔹 Domain Owned Email Set Up

🔹 Copywriting

🔹 Sourcing Creative Commons Images

🔹 E-Commerce

🔹 Additional Pages

🔹 More Custom Design


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